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Next Generation
New age.  New thinking.  New ideas.So many hot issues to consider:

  • Sustainable design
  • Single source responsibility
  • Budget conscious
  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Energy cost savings
  • Green roof technology
  • LEED points qualifying

One cool answer is going green has never been easier!

50-year building?
Think 50-year roof. Nobody builds a brick wall with the intention of demolishing and rebuilding it every 20 years. Why not use the same logic on the roof? Every roof is unique. LEED points qualifying Premium Coat is the liquid-applied acrylic, Elastomeric system that provides a custom fit for every application. Think true sustainability.  Eco-friendly, PremiumCoat is the first and last roof system for every building.

Energy Efficiency
Energy costs are 30% of a typical office building’s operating expense. Every $ spent on energy costs is a $ LOST Every $ spent on a PremiumCoat System is a $ INVESTED
- Invested in the life cycle of the building
- Invested against future energy costs

Watertight Integrity - Wrap a renewable “Leak Free” lifetime warranty around your whole building.  One Stop Shopping + Single Source Responsibility = One range of ASTM, ASHRAE, ENERGY STAR approved products. Hydro-Stop products have current Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) available for each of your maintenance and construction projects.

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Premium Roof Coating

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Rethink Roofing

The “Traditional” roofing industry defines “sustainable” as:
“A roofing system that is…..constructed, maintained…
and demolished …preserving the global environment.”

To “demolish” is to put an end to.
Demolishing cannot be defined as “sustainable.”

9-10 million tons of roofing waste is
sent to US landfills each year.

Rethink Roofing.  Specify a TRULY sustainable, LEED points qualifying roofing system that is designed to last the entire LIFE of the building.

The Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat Roofing System

Hydro-Stop Product Characteristics

  • Perfecting acrylic waterproofing systems for over 20 years
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Repairs that are sustainable for the life of the building
  • Cool roofing – reflects heat and saves energy
  • Environmentally green – reduces heat island effect
  • Fully adhered for superior wind-lift resistance
  • 100% sustainable (add material for continuous performance)
  • Integrated solar compatibility, with single source warranty
  • Weighs less than 5 ounces per square foot

Hydro-Stop Advantages

  • No expense of old roof removal
  • Expense of disposal (No waste added to our landfills)
  • Exposure to weather (No removal or old roof for exposure)
  • Monolithic with no seams of fasteners
  • Encapsulates all details and protrusions
  • Minimal or no down-time
  • No dangerous equipment, hot smelly tar or application torches.

PremiumCoat Sustainable Roofing System
Waterproofing for New and Existing Roofs

PREMIUMCOAT sustainable roofing and waterproofing system is one of the highest quality roofing and waterproofing systems available.  It is made of the best raw materials to form a flexible, U.V.-resistant elastomeric compound and is fully reinforced with a tough nonwoven polyester fabric which has been designed for roofing and flashing applications of all types.  PREMIUMCOAT is easy to apply, safe to work with and requires no special equipment.  When the system is properly installed by a certified applicator, a 10-year warranty is available for specific roofing application.  The warranty can then be extended every 10 years under a proper maintenance schedule.

Leaders in Sustainable, Renewable and Environmentally Safe Roofing Systems

Factory Mutual 4470 Testing for Class 1 Roof Assembly

Hydro-Stop is very proud to be listed by Factory Mutual as a “Class 1” roof system over a variety of substrates including Asphalt BUR, Modified Bit, PVC, TPO, concrete, steel and insulation board.  Hydro-Stop is the only manufacturer of fluid applied systems to have FM4470 approval as a Class 1 “stand alone” roof cover over ISO and EPS insulation board. To achieve this designation, the PremiumCoat system is subjected to strenuous testing for fire, wind uplift resistance, hail damage, water leakage and resistance to foot traffic. Having a FM approval also requires periodic plant audits to ensure the product formulation and quality has not been altered or changed.

Dade County, FL - Product Control Notice of Acceptance Roofing Systems

The Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat and BarrierGuard systems have been evaluated and approved for use in the Dade County Metro area, which requires some of the toughest standards in the country.

“Green Building Councils Description of Sustainability and Renewability"   
“The ability of the building product or material to maintain and/or renew itself without removal or replacement of said product or material, for the lifespan of the structure!”

STATEMENT:  Once H-S’s PremiumCoat Roofing System is applied as a roof cover, to an approved substrate, to specifications, that roof will never need to be removed and discarded into our landfills!  It will only need renewing at the end of its warranty period by applying additional protective coatings to the original system.  The renewing process can continue for the entire life of the building!  Nescience a Limited Lifetime Leak Free Warranty!

Cool Roof Testing (ASTM E-903; ASTM E-408) To qualify as a cool roof system, a roofing material must demonstrate at least an Albedo (total solar reflectance) of 50 percent and maintain at least an emissivity of at least 90 percent. If either of these levels is not maintained, the system is not truly a cool roof system. The newest testing standard qualifying for a cool roof system is the Hemispherical Spectral Reflectance (ASTM E-903) and Emittance Test (ASTM E-408). The test report concludes that Hydro-Stop’s PremiumCoat system has one of the highest “cool roof” ratings available in the industry. PremiumCoat white FinishCoat achieved a rating of better than 78 percent Spectral Reflectance while maintaining an emittance of greater than 94 percent.

NSF National Sanitation Foundation Certification for Potable Water

The Hydro-Stop BarrierGuard system is approved for potable water applications and is certified by NSF International that it conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 61 – Drinking Water system components.

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